Collection Privée

Five fragrances for five generations of perfumers,
The Private Collection pays tribute to all those who have written the history of Molinard.

Five olfactory universes for five unique emotions, a fragrant journey out of time.
Pure and sophisticated, the bottle plays with its crystalline facets to illuminate each creation. Inspired by the Cloche model created by Baccarat for Molinard in 1948, it is part of the prestigious history of the House, with cases once designed by Lalique, Baccarat or Viard.
Leather, the prelude and main thread of the Collection, replaces the lexicon of plants, flowers and essences celebrated in the world of perfumery.
In the memory of the people of Grasse, leather is the missing link, the one that tells the story of a city of tanners that became a city of perfumers.
This is why, quite naturally, each of the five fragrances of the Private Collection was developed and tested using only leather.