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  • 76,00 €

    The romantic getaway.An ode to love, Nirmala brings a profusion of scented images to the mind’s eye, a delectable journey through exotic flowers and tropical fruits that immediately sweeps you to faraway horizons. Chic and timeless, this carnal elixir is wrapped in a sparkling “diamond” jewel, a bottle that serves as a veritable declaration of love,...

  • Together, compose your own perfume! This gift card reserves you le right to share your Atelier des Parfums, with the person of your choice. Each of you then leave with a 30ml bottle of your custom-made fragrance.  Saint Valentine’s Day special offer: Atelier in pair, 2 bottles of 30ml, 1 hour of custom-made creation + 1 free tote bag (+ exceptional shop...

  • 69,00 €

    Eau de parfum 50ml - Floriental, Woody, PowderyYour gift, the body lotion 50mlTwo complementary gestures for a scented body ritual.Habanita, created in 1921, is an icon of French perfumery. The oriental, woody-floral signature of this timeless and legendary perfume is a bewitching olfactory kaleidoscope. An elixir that brings out the unique beauty of each...

  • A fresh and sparkling fragrance, with delicate spicy notes of ginger. An emotional tribute of the perfumer to the artist, the illustrator of Les Amoureux ! Hesperidia, Musky, Spicy Special offer Valentine's day: Tote bag Peynet offered.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items