Perfumer since 1849

Molinard, the renowned and venerable Grasse perfumer, is a family history that has thrived for five generations,
forging a legacy with a passion for creation. An adventure that defies time,
remaining true to its values and maintaining its exacting standards of excellence, quality, and tradition.

The story begins under the bountiful Riviera sun. Hyacinthe Molinard
founded a small company in Grasse to sell Eaux de Fleurs. The shop swiftly
attracted a wealthy clientele, including Queen Victoria, and became a
shining beacon of quality French craftsmanship.

In the early 1900s, Maison Molinard opened its prestigious Provençal
mansion, where it would usher in a new era of flourishing trade. Since that
day, this original factory has drawn thousands of curious tourists who flock
through its doors every year, contemplating the history-steeped heritage
on display within.

Habanita was born in the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties.
With trailblazing spirit, Molinard revolutionized perfume codes, creating the
first women’s Oriental fragrance featuring vetiver, an essence hitherto
reserved for men. From perfume extract to the essence of thefemme fatale,
Habanita’s innovative style was eagerly embraced by the garçonnes-
France’s flappers – and soon became Molinard’s runaway success and an
icon in the history of French perfume.

During the 1930s, Maison Molinard called upon the world’s most
celebrated glassmakers – René Lalique, Baccarat, J. Viard – to design and
sign matchless glass containers.
In 1932, René Lalique designed “Le Baiser Du Faune” (“Kiss of the Faun”),
which won the award for most beautiful bottle in the world at the 1939
New York World’s Fair.

Célia Lerouge-Bénard, the fifth generation of perfumers and the first
woman executive, boldly initiates and channels the creative
development of every new fragrance. Wild and passionate by nature,
with a creative, artistic soul, Célia now shares her vision of perfume with
the world.

Maison Molinard has earned the nation’s highest distinction as an
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (“Living Heritage Company”), which
recognizes its rare savoir-faire honed across several generations.
At once daring and legendary, the perfume house has naturally carved out
its place in the world of Haute Parfumerie, capturing precious essences in
breathtaking bottles.

The history of a true icon

  • Perfume prodigy of the Roaring Twenties, Habanita established itself in 1921 as the first women's Oriental fragrance in

  • An olfactory masterpiece, a subtle, sawy alchemy of more than 600 essences, an unrivaled palette of scent.

  • An icon, an enigmatic persona- a diabolical, liberated, femme fatale !