A peerless perfumer-creator

Rocked by the most beautiful dreams of perfume, I grew up
with precious essences and sensations which they get.
Today, I make it a point of honor in the fact that continues the tradition of our house
and the secret of its longevity.
What makes the wealth of our perfumes,
it is the materials which compose them.
Our know-how lives in the art to assemble them and glorify them to offer you
the most beautiful creations. This is the way, for more than 165 years, Molinard
reinvents itself with the Perfume for DNA

Célia Lerouge-Bénard
Directrice générale, 5ème génération des parfums Molinard

In Grasse since 1849, the history of Molinard has naturally
dovetailed that of the Perfume Capital of the World. Poetically perched
between the summits and the sea, Grasse enjoys an extraordinary geographic
position and an incomparable climate, creating unique lands and soils that are perfect for growing perfume flowers.
Here, more than anywhere else in the world, the language of flowers is their

Perfume flowers, are the very soul of our region!
And picking them is a family trade long handed down from generation to generation.
From this land of inspiration several tons of flowers are harvested each year
for their exceptional olfactory qualities: Centifolia rose in May, Grandiflorum
jasmine in August, along with Iris pallida, tuberose, violet, orange blossom, and
many others, all adding their unique beauty to the region, the Pays de Grasse.

Exquisite ingredients,used to make
incomparable perfumes – that is the impetus and quintessence of all Molinard creations!
With her unconditional love for noble materials, Célia Lerouge-Bénard carries on
the Molinard legacy, capturing precious essences in breathtaking bottles.

Rare, incomparable perfumes

  • Molinard is renowned as a creatorof scent identities and a seeker of superb materials. In their quest for rare fragrances,
    the label’s seasoned clients recognize the Maison as a matchless opportunity to explore the perfume world along the road less travelled.

  • FIGUE - be swept away to the Mediterranean! Experience the sweet delights of this fleshy, sun-kissed fruit. A rich, milky fig
    note spreads over the green, sparkling scent of fig leaf.

  • Elements PRESTIGE. The noble grandeur of the finest raw materials, the prestige of Haute Parfumerie. In this celebration of rare essences,
    Molinard attains the pinnacle of its art.

  • NIRMALA, a delicious, sensual journey to the islands drenched in tropical fruits and blossoms .An exquisite addiction to epicurean sensuality.